Do you have anything___?

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smaller                        shorter                      longer                      bigger  /  larger

dressier                       cheaper                    tighter                     nicer

more expensive         more casual            looser                      in blue

comparatives shopping.jpg

*CREDIT handout* Donna Bowler’s Shopping for Clothes (for Lit & Low 1)

Billing Words and Information

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Words: arriving   arrival   departing    departure

guests     staff    billing information   payment information

expiry    expiration    security code    CCV


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Questions:   When are you arriving? When are you departing?

What is your arrival date?  What is your departure date?

Are you one of the guests that will be staying?

Can I have your payment information please?

Can I have your billing information please?

What’s the expiry date? What’s the expiration date?

Is the name on the card your name as well?

What’s the security code on the back?