Restaurant Meals and Food Words

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Desserts and Beverages

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It has______.

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It is________.

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Give Me a Burger

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It’s time for lunch.

I’m hungry.

But I don’t have

much money.

Give me a burger

And a large fries.

And I think

I’ll have a drink

I want a coke.

Make it small.

And I guess

That will be all.

Here’s your order.

It comes to $4.10.

Enjoy your meal.

Please come again.


*CREDIT Song Idea and Lyrics* Donna Bowler Restaurants for Beginners, 2013

Ordering food

I’d,    I’ll,     That’ll be all.

How can I help you?

I’d like _______. And, I think, I’ll have a _________.

Anything else?

No, that’ll be all.

Okay, it comes to $____.